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What You Need to Look Out for When Owning a Garden

What You Need to Look Out for When Owning a Garden

Having a green thumb is definitely something to brag about. You know what it means to have a close connection with plants, and you have the ability to help the world’s ecosystem. Whether you have a big garden or a small one, you’re making a great contribution to society and your lifestyle. But there are some things you need to be aware of. Here’s what you need to look for when owning a garden.

Diseases and Fungi

A diseased plant doesn’t last very long—especially if its root rot. Damage to the foundation means there’s no chance of survival for the plant. A root rot plant means you need to dig it out quickly and throw it away before it spreads and affects the rest of the garden.

You also need to look out for fungal leaf spots, black spots, powdery mildew, blight, and canker. All of these have the potential to kill your garden. These are easy diseases to spot, and most of them occur because of over extended periods of wet exposure. You’ll need to focus on drying out the soil as a start.

Spider Mites

If you’ve never been a fan of spiders, then you definitely won’t be a fan of spider mites. They are some pesty and persistent buggers that can severely harm your plants. They can pester both indoor plants and outdoor plants.

You’ll need to utilize pest management to kill spider mites. One of the most effective ways to kill them is by spraying your plants with alcohol. The solution you spray with should contain at least 70% isopropyl alcohol. Spray them down, and they will die out. Repeat this method every other day until you see no sign of them.

Pet Exposure

A dog is man’s best friend but maybe not a plant’s best friend. Too much pet exposure can kill your garden. Eating, peeing, or just playfully batting at your garden can cause harm. Fecal matter can also be damaging. Dog business is not the type of fertilizer you want in your garden.

Dog poop can attract rodents that carry all types of diseases you don’t want anywhere near your plants. If you have a pet, train them to stay clear of your garden and make sure your neighbors know to keep their animals away too.

Wrong Soil

Plants need the right food to grow. It’s important to know exactly what your plants need. Some require more acidic soils than others. You never want to plant two conflicting plants near each other because they won’t receive the proper treatment.

Make sure the soil and fertilizer you’re using match and caters to the needs of your plants. If you’re not sure what to use, there are databases you can find to help guide you when it comes to feeding your plants.

Look out for these four things when you own a garden to ensure your gardening efforts succeed!

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