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Tips for Cooking the Perfect Wagyu Steak

Tips for Cooking the Perfect Wagyu Steak

When it comes to the perfect steak, many people think about the New York strip, flank, or porterhouse. However, the highest quality of meat you can buy is Wagyu A5 steak. It has the perfect balance of flavor, texture, and marbling. If you’re lucky to get your hands on a piece of Wagyu, it’s only right that you know how to cook it.

Here are a few tips for cooking the perfect Wagyu steak to save money and a good steak cut.

Store It Properly

When your Wagyu beef arrives in your kitchen, and you don’t plan on eating it immediately, put it in the freezer. Wagyu steaks are delicate and are super vulnerable to temperature changes. It’s very important to keep it vacuum-sealed and cold. Before placing it in the freezer, put it in a container or on a plate to prevent direct contact with the shelf. If you freeze it correctly, you’ll preserve the fresh quality.

Thaw Before You Cook

An important tip for cooking the perfect Wagyu steak is to get it to the correct temperature before cooking. Avoid thawing out your steak with the microwave. Instead, sit your beef out until it reaches room temperature. You can also thaw it by running it under cold water throughout the day. When it’s defrosting, remove the steak from the plastic and allow it to thaw for a couple of minutes. Remember to remove excess moisture with a paper towel before cooking.

Skip the Seasoning

The quickest way to ruin a piece of Wagyu steak is by covering it in seasoning. The meat has perfect marbling, which gives it its buttery and rich taste. These qualities make Wagyu beef worth every penny. However, if you must add seasoning, only use kosher salt and pepper. You always garnish your Wagyu with chives or parsley, but you should let the Wagyu be the main star. Add a side of spinach, mushrooms, or Brussels sprouts for more flavor.

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