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Things You Should Know Before Buying a Kitchen Range

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Kitchen Range

Buying a new appliance can be overwhelming because of all the options. This extends to kitchen ranges since they are vastly different. You can get a gas or electric range, a smart range with internal sensor capabilities, or one with convection properties for the oven. If you’re having trouble deciding, we can tell you a few things you should know before buying a kitchen range.

Set Your Budget

Kitchen ranges have changed dramatically in recent years, especially with the onset of smart ranges. However, kitchen ranges have some problems that will require fixing. The first step when selecting your range is to set a budget, and include potential maintenance costs. Ask yourself how much you want to spend before heading to a home improvement store or ordering online. Your search will become much easier because you can limit your options to a price range.

Pick a Fuel Type

Ranges come in various types, including gas, electric, and dual fuel. Fuel type is an important thing to know before buying a kitchen range. Gas stoves tend to be more expensive because they require you to attach a natural gas source. However, they cook food quickly and offer great temperature control.

Electric ranges have much lower price tags and cook food evenly. However, they take longer to heat up and stay hot for longer than gas ranges. Dual-fuel ranges provide the best of both worlds, but they’re the most expensive on this list. Consider your budget before picking a fuel type.

Measure Your Space

Measure your available space for the kitchen range. If it will be built into the countertop, measure that space and the general space of your kitchen, wall to wall. Then, you can compare it to the showcase of your local retailer or the online dimensions. Your available space will also narrow your choices considerably. Don’t forget to measure the door frame and the corners of the hallways. A range isn’t useful to you if you can’t fit it in your house!

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