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Must-Have Classroom Supplies for Every Teacher

Must-Have Classroom Supplies for Every Teacher

Whether you’re a new teacher or a returning one, it pays to prepare ahead of time. There are several supplies that every teacher has to have in their classroom to help them and their students succeed. While there are potentially hundreds of things that a teacher should have on their roster, we’ll mention the top three here so that you have the essentials. Some things, like extra pens, paper, and worksheets, will be obvious. Others require a bit more foresight, like heavy-duty staplers. Read on below for more information.

Hygiene Supplies

If the pandemic that ravished the country taught us anything, hygiene is the key to safety. It’s always good to have cleaning supplies stocked on your desk. The younger the students are, the messier they become, so stock up if you have a crowd below the 6th grade.

Kids can make a mess, so ensure you have tissues and antibacterial wipes on your desk so that your students can blow their noses if needed. Also, hand sanitizer is a mainstay for most teachers.

School Supplies

This may seem obvious, but kids often forget to bring some of their essential school supplies. Ensure that you have pens, paper, and pencils available so that they can work without any excuses. Also, you should consider either a manual or electric book stapler. This may seem strange until you’re stapling stacks upon stacks of paper. Trust us; it’s necessary.

Personal Decorations

You should decorate your room to make it more comfortable for yourself and your students. That said, make sure any picture frames, posters, and flags are appropriate. Avoid political messages that could offend your teachers or parents if they come to visit. Having picture frames of your family will also help you feel closer to them throughout the day, even if they aren’t physically present.

These are a few classroom supplies teachers must have during the school year. When you have everything you need, you’ll find that you can run your classroom more smoothly.

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