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The Essential Dos and Don’ts for Motorcycle Cleaning

The Essential Dos and Don’ts for Motorcycle Cleaning

Washing a motorcycle requires more than grabbing soap and water and wiping everything down. Paying attention to the finer details during your bike cleaning will help you keep the hardware in great condition. Check out the essential dos and don’ts for motorcycle cleaning so that you can get your bike ready for the next ride.

Don’t Clean in Direct Sunlight

A sunny day may seem like the perfect opportunity to clean the bike, and it certainly can be. However, you shouldn’t wash your motorcycle in direct sunlight. Finding a shaded spot to wash the bike, such as a garage, will help you avoid streaks. The hot sunlight will cause soap to dry improperly, leaving unwanted marks behind. Luckily, once you wash off all that soap, you can bring your bike back into the sunlight for a stunning presentation.

Do Prepare Two Water Buckets

Always have two buckets ready for washing your motorcycle. One bucket should have only water, while the other should contain water and your motorcycle cleaner. The cloth you use for wiping down the motorcycle will get dirty quickly. So having one bucket full of water ensures you can easily rinse your rag and cover it in motorcycle shampoo again. Preparing with two buckets is an easy way to make your washing process more efficient.

Don’t Forget to Lube the Chain

The essential dos and don’ts for motorcycle cleaning also pertain to crucial steps you should take once you finish the process. Not everything on your bike is worth washing off, so remember to relubricate the chain. Put more lube on the chain once you finish washing the motorcycle to ensure that the chain stays clean and safe while you ride.

Do Clean Carefully and Patiently

Abrasive materials and intense scrubbing can damage a bike’s exterior. And rushing through the cleaning process can lead to you overlooking key details. Prioritize patience and use a high-quality motorcycle cleaner so that you can take the time you need to thoroughly clean the bike. Routine cleaning is one of the best ways to make a motorcycle run smoother. A clean bike looks nice, and it ensures your parts can work with ease instead of rubbing up against abrasive debris.

Use the tips above next time you clean your motorcycle so that you can get it back in perfect condition for your riding needs.

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