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Tips for Grooms To Look Stylish at Their Wedding

Tips for Grooms To Look Stylish at Their Wedding

On your wedding day, all eyes are on the couple of the hour—you and your bride. Since you’ll share the limelight, looking your best is essential. While it’s easy for the bride to find tips on how to dress her best, the same isn’t always the case for the groom. We’ve created this guide to detail various tips for grooms to look stylish at their wedding.

Know Your Style Preferences

At its core, fashion is about personal preference and wearing clothes that make you feel confident. Before you plan your suit, decide what your style is. Do you prefer a classic or modern look for formal attire? Knowing this helps narrow your search as you shop for a classic tuxedo or modern tux. If you don’t know which one you prefer, try various options as you shop to determine what you feel is best.

Wear Your Vest Properly

A tuxedo vest can elevate your look on the most important day of your life, so it’s important to avoid wearing the vest improperly. For example, you shouldn’t tuck it into your pants or leave the vest unbuttoned. Wearing the vest incorrectly creates a sloppy look that no gentleman wants.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to wear a vest to the wedding since you don’t usually wear one with a traditional tuxedo or casual suit.

Coordinate Tux Colors

Choose the tux color that complements your wedding theme and coincides with your style preferences. If you don’t like how you look in gray, then avoid suits in that shade. Likewise, the hue of your suit should pair nicely with your partner’s gown and other bridal accessories.


Don’t forget your accessories! Add a pocket square, cufflinks, and suspenders for some personal touches that will polish your look. Many grooms also wear flower boutonnieres for a touch of elegance that complements the bridal bouquet. As you select your wedding accessories, remember that less is more. Wearing too many accessories creates an overly flashy look and can take away from the elegance of the big day.

Abide by the Wedding Dress Code

The final tip for grooms to look stylish at their wedding is to stick to the dress code. Once you and your bride create rules for how everyone should dress, it’s best to abide by them. Some of the most common dress code options include black tie, cocktail, and semi-formal.

The groom should look as wonderful as the bride on the big day. Begin thinking about your outfit in the early stages of wedding planning to ensure you look and feel your best!

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