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How to Improve Your Winery: 3 Methods

How to Improve Your Winery: 3 Methods

The art of making wine is one that many people appreciate, and this fact is reflected in the multitudes of wineries out there. Amid so much competition, you might be wondering how to improve your winery and make it stand out in order to attract more patrons. Since you probably already have extensive know-how on the wine itself, you may benefit from expanding your knowledge on marketing strategies. Give these approaches a shot to further develop your business.

Host Special Events

You might currently offer wine tastings, but you can go above and beyond by hosting specialized events that enhance the experiences of people who visit. For example, you might set a day aside for people to come stomp grapes themselves, or you could offer classes where they can learn about winemaking and try out the steps themselves on a smaller scale. It may also be a good idea to pair a regular wine tasting event with special features. You could have live music or show off the works of local artists. Through these events, you can build a unique and memorable atmosphere that will keep people coming back again and again.

Connect with People Online

Get your winery out there by using online methods. Establish a website where people can learn more about your winery, such as the types of wine you produce and how they can contact you via phone or e-mail. Accompany any text with large, attractive photographs that show the different steps in the winemaking process. You could feature pictures of the grapes, the storage area you use for aging, and the finished product in bottles.

In addition to a website, utilize social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to keep people informed about the events you’re holding and to share any updates regarding the winery as a whole. People can follow your account page and remain engaged with you through your posts.

Communicate Your Story

Focusing solely on your wine can certainly establish you as an expert in the field, but telling your winery’s individual story will make it easier for people to feel attached to it. On your website or social media accounts, show how your winery got its start and the people behind it. Make clear the values you seek to uphold through the winery so that people can become more invested. For instance, if you want to promote sustainability, you can highlight the practices you follow to continuously reach for greater levels of eco-friendliness, such as using recycled plastic vineyard posts and conserving water. These efforts will serve the triple role of helping the environment, creating loyal customers, and improving your winery as a whole.

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