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How to Celebrate Birthdays During Self-Isolation

How to Celebrate Birthdays During Self-Isolation

COVID-19 has had a profound effect on the world, to say the least. Gatherings such as birthdays have had to be postponed in the wake of this global event, but that doesn’t stop those days from arriving. Instead of waiting until the end of the pandemic to celebrate you or your loved one’s special day, we’ll show you how to celebrate birthdays during self-isolation.

Bring Loved Ones (Virtually) Together

There are two essential parts of any good birthday celebration—friends and family gathering together and giving gifts to the birthday boy or girl. So, how do you accomplish either of these while in self-isolation? It’s actually way easier than you may expect.

In fact, gathering with loved ones while social distancing has never been easier than with today’s technology. Thanks to virtual chat rooms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Hangout, you can get together with friends while being safe and sound in your respective homes. You may not be in the same room, but you can still chat, eat, drink, and celebrate the special day together.

Don’t Forget About Gift-Giving

The next factor to overcome is gift-giving. While giving medical supplies like hand sanitizer or toilet paper to your friends may seem like a dull gift during normal circumstances, nowadays, it can truly brighten up someone’s day. If you know that the birthday boy or girl is low on certain supplies, you can drop some off at their house and leave it outside for them to bring in themselves. Additionally, you can always go through online services to find some good gifts to have shipped to your loved ones. If you want to get extra creative, you can get a gift that combines everyday pleasantries with necessary health benefits: tea.

There are online services that offer healthy, delicious tea that you can buy for your loved one. Tea is a particularly perfect gift for this current worldwide event because of the many health benefits. Different kinds of teas can provide the drinker with benefits such as improving immune and digestive systems. Not only are certain teas very healthy, but they also come in an assortment of flavors and aromas to enjoy.

Now, you officially know how to celebrate birthdays during self-isolation. This is certainly an issue nobody thought they’d have to find a solution to this year, but given the current circumstances, it’s a problem that needs to be solved. Luckily, today’s technology provides us with the ability to experience joyful gatherings with friends and family while still remaining safe and sound at home.

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