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Ways To Reward Yourself for Meeting Your Fitness Goal

Ways To Reward Yourself for Meeting Your Fitness Goal

Whether you are new to fitness or not, keeping a consistent workout routine can be tough. Sticking with it throughout the holidays or winter can also be challenging because of busy schedules. Rewarding yourself after a task helps encourage you to do that task again, and working out is no different. We have put together a few suggestions for ways to reward yourself for meeting your fitness goal, so keep reading if you are looking to boost your fitness motivation.

Weekly Goals

Setting a weekly goal is one way to stay consistent in your workout routine. Many people work out a certain amount of times every week, but many people also struggle to stay consistent. Rewarding yourself after a week of successful workouts is a great way to motivate yourself to stay consistent. A reward doesn’t have to be a material thing, either. Your weekly reward could be watching your favorite TV show that you never have time to watch.

You could also make time for self-care once a week, as a reward, by taking a relaxing bath or doing a face mask. You could even make yourself an extra special protein shake with the expensive powder you are always trying to preserve. Treating yourself to something small every week will motivate you to be more consistent with fitness and bring you closer to your goal.

Monthly Goals

Another way to reward yourself is to set a goal for the month, whether it’s to lift more than last month or run a faster mile time. Setting goals for yourself is a common way to stay on track but rewarding yourself for reaching monthly goals can help you stay motivated. One of the ways to reward yourself for meeting your fitness goal is to schedule a special workout class. Even if you can’t get to the gym, there are plenty of workout classes available virtually. A workout class is something not everyone can justify weely but can act as a reward once a month.

A workout class can be yoga, lifting, cycling, or anything you are interested in trying out. A workout class can also teach you new ways to exercise and encourage you to implement what you learned into your weekly workouts. A monthly massage or facial is another way to reward yourself for reaching monthly goals because treatments on the body are great for recovery.


Lastly, you must celebrate reaching the big milestones. Milestones will look different for everyone depending on where you are in your fitness journey, but all milestones should be rewarded in some way. Reaching a milestone in fitness takes hard work and dedication, so celebrating is a fun way to congratulate yourself for reaching that goal. Treat yourself to a gift that aligns with your health journey. Gifting yourself something is a way to recognize that you are proud of yourself and push yourself to keep going. It’s easy to overlook our accomplishments, so don’t forget to celebrate yourself when you reach a fitness goal.

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