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Supplies You’ll Need for Your Family Reunion

Supplies You'll Need for Your Family Reunion

You don’t have to plan family reunions a full year in advance. With so many of us chomping at the bit to travel and gather again, it’s not hard to get on social media, round everyone up, and plan an event that brings far-flung family members back together for one afternoon. With summer upon us, this will definitely be an outdoor occasion, but if you don’t have enough property of your own to host the crowd you have in mind, you’ll need to take this show on the road and spring for some disposable party supplies for this bash. Got the guest list and the site? Here are the supplies you’ll need for your family reunion this summer—don’t waste any time getting them together.

Plastic Drinkware

Parks and forest preserves tend to frown upon broken glass. It’s a bad matchup for barefoot attendees, and shards of glass can prove harmful to native wildlife. Before you start entrusting guests with beer bottles or glasses from home, consider using plastic drinkware for the day. Have yourself or a guest play bartender and dispense drinks into plastic cups, flutes, and other vessels to keep any glass out of people’s hands. Just make sure to clean up afterward.

Games People Play

Some of us may have lost a little off our fastballs when it comes to conversation after a long time apart, which is why reunions should include plenty of games. Backyard favorites like badminton, boccie, and bags are good options. If yours is a family that gets particularly competitive, you may want to flesh out the whole game concept into an all-out field day—a Family Olympics of sorts—with a litany of events, precise scorekeeping, and prizes for the day’s winners and losers. On second thought, if they’re a little too competitive, maybe you’d better stick with the badminton sets.

Party Favors

As the day comes and goes and everyone has a great time together, you’ll want to send your guests home with a souvenir of sorts. One of the supplies you’ll need for your family reunion is some kind of party favor to hand out as people depart. It could be a customized T-shirt, a baseball cap, or even one of those freezable mugs that keeps drinks extra-frosty. Maybe it’ll inspire one of your guests to take on the hosting duties next summer.

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