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The Best Types of Water To Drink During the Day

Ever since we were young, we’ve known that we need to drink the correct amount of water every day. Water intake is vital for your health, and it’s even more crucial when you’re fasting. Knowing the best types of water to drink during the day will guide you in your fasting efforts and give you various options to avoid repetitiveness.


Most people avoid tap water because they fear it isn’t clean. However, that fear is a myth because of the safety regulations that ensure that, unlike well water, municipal water isn’t dangerous. Another reason why tap water is your best bet is its accessibility, seeing as you can get it anywhere at any time to quench your thirst.


If you don’t trust your water supply and you want to be super safe, purifying your water from the tap gives you a second line of defense. Using a filtered pitcher will keep your water cold and clean.


Mineral water gives you the nutrients you need while you’re fasting. Additionally, the magnesium in the water will keep your digestive system in check if you’re having any issues. The only downside with this type of water is the cost, considering that tap water is essentially free.


Your standard bottled water gives you a variety of options based on taste and health benefits. Most of the big brands give you some, but not all, of the minerals you’ll find in mineral water. Furthermore, if you have a brand preference, you can easily find it at any convenience or grocery store.


Sparkling water is a better option if you’re looking for some diversity in your water intake. Drinking the same type of water every single day can be grueling. Sparkling water may appease your need for something carbonated if you’re avoiding soda.


If you’re only going by the taste, flavored water can be delicious and break up the monotony of your typical water consumption. However, if you’re in the middle of fasting, it’s best to steer clear because of the infused sugar and sweeteners. Therefore, only consume this option when you’re eating if you need a change of pace.

Considering the fact that you have to consume approximately 30% more water than your usual amount when fasting, it helps to know the best types of water to drink during the day. You can make many decisions due to personal preferences, so no surefire choice benefits you most. Nevertheless, consistently crushing your water intake goals will always help your fast succeed.

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