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Cleaning Chemicals: What Is the Purpose of a Lab Pack?

Cleaning Chemicals: What Is the Purpose of a Lab Pack?

Most manufacturing industries, schools, and hospitals all create the same waste products: hazardous waste. Many manufacturing processes use chemicals and dangerous materials when producing; they may even make dangerous by-products. Hospitals also handle dangerous materials and chemicals every day, from bodily fluids to expired materials. Schools even produce such waste from their science labs. So how do people deal with all these chemicals? That’s what the purpose of a lab pack is—a method of hazardous waste disposal.

Chemical Disposal

A lab pack is typically a large pack that can house a variety of smaller chemicals or material containers inside it. The containers inside the lab pack sit in padding, so they don’t move or shift during shipping. The general idea is that people pack any hazardous materials into the smaller containers and place them in the lab pack, then ship the pack to a waste management company that can process the waste.

Proper Lab Pack Use

Now, using a lab pack takes more effort than just putting things in the pack—it can be dangerous. You should learn some safety tips for handling a lab pack, and someone who knows all the regulations put forth by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should do the packing. Otherwise, the waste can be dangerous to the people putting it away and may even cause an accident once it leaves the premises.

Hazardous Waste Management Companies

Once a lab pack is full and leaves a building, it typically heads to a hazardous waste management company that can properly dispose of or recycle any waste. Each place that produces hazardous waste can choose the company that disposes of their lab packs, but they should be careful that the company properly follows EPA guidelines so they don’t participate in hurting the environment.

This is what the purpose of a lab pack is, the safe disposal and transportation of hazardous waste to avoid both human and environmental damage. Without proper lab packs and procedures, hazardous material can leak and harm a lot of people. That’s why it’s so important for companies and industries with hazardous materials to understand this.

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