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Best Beginner Tips for Keeping Your Fish Alive

Best Beginner Tips for Keeping Your Fish Alive

It’s exhilarating to bring fish home for the first time. It’s critical to remember that you now must care for your new pets and do everything you can to keep them happy and healthy. Find some of the best beginner tips for keeping your fish alive below.

Give Your Fish Enough Room

It’s a myth that aquarium fish, like goldfish and bettas, can live in any size tank you give them. Many aquarium fish, even little ones, require a large amount of space to flourish. One or two gallons of water for every inch of fish in the tank is a good rule of thumb.

Place Gravel on the Bottom of the Tank

Fish benefit from certain bacteria, and gravel provides a perfect habitat for bacteria to grow and thrive in. This will help break down any waste produced by your fish and give a pleasing appearance to the environment.

Keep the Tank Filled at an Appropriate Level

It might be challenging to determine how high the water level in your tank should be. The essential thing to remember is not to fill it to the brim, allowing for air bubbles and unintended bumping. Most varieties of aquarium fish can benefit from an inch of extra space.

Invest in an Air Pump

While air pumps aren’t a must-have piece of equipment, they can be instrumental in regulating your fish’s environment. Air pumps help keep the water in the tank oxygenated and flowing, which will benefit your fish. They do this by maintaining a continual flow of bubbles that drive carbon dioxide to the top, causing agitation and allowing for gas exchange.

You May Need To Consider Heating and Lighting

You may need a heating element depending on the breed of fish you have. Tropical fish, in particular, require warmth and illumination to stay alive. The heating systems keep the water around the same temperature as their native environment, while the lighting simulates a natural day and night cycle.

Add Plant Life

Adding a variety of plant life will provide your fish with a pleasant sanctuary where they can hide and play. Organic plants will keep the nutrients in the tank balanced, but imitation plants will still provide a stimulating area for your fish.

Applying many of these best beginner tips for keeping your fish alive ensures you can be the best pet owner possible. Always be on the lookout for indicators of distress or illness, and act quickly to address any issues that arise. Also, be open to newer and better techniques to maintain your fish’s environment.

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