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Top Ways To Get Started Flounder Gigging

Top Ways To Get Started Flounder Gigging

If you feel like you’ve fished as much as anyone can fish, you’re probably looking for new hobbies that give you the same feeling. Flounder gigging is perfect for you—it takes the joy of catching a fish and frames it in a brand-new light. Instead of a rod and reel, you need a gig—a multi-pronged spear—to catch your prey. Read on to learn the top ways to get started in flounder gigging.

Grab Your Equipment

The most critical piece of new equipment you need is a sharp gig. There are plenty of places to find them, both online and in pro shops, but pro shops allow you to talk with experts. Other than your spear, remember to bring along a water bottle—especially if you’re gigging on foot.

If you’re taking a boat with you to gig, you can load up with extra gear to snag a few more water-breathing creatures. In addition to an extra gig or two, you can pack up a dip net to bag crabs while you wait to spot flounder! Finally, it’s never a bad idea to bring mosquito repellent—those pests can quickly sour a nice trip.

Learn Where To Look

Flounder have excellent camouflage, so you’ll need to learn how to spot them. Flounder lay in wait to ambush food floating by overhead, so your best bet is to find a high-traffic bait area. Look for rocky shorelines and abundant minnows—if you spot small fish, there are likely some flounder waiting close by.

You can also scan the bottom of the stream for ovular holes—these mark the spots that flounder have vacated, and these flounder “beds” can lead you straight to their next hiding place.

Invest in Lights

Gigging for flounder at night is one of the most fun experiences any fisher can have, but it requires one extra piece of equipment: lights. Flounder gigging lights help you spot your prey in the dark of night and they come in a variety of types and colors. Swamp Eye lights are among the very best, so consider making the investment for increased success.

Now that you know the top ways to get started in flounder gigging, grab a spear and head out on the water—you won’t believe how much fun you’ll have!

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