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Items You Should Have in Your Tactical Trauma Kit

Items You Should Have in Your Tactical Trauma Kit

Working as a paramedic or firefighter requires immense training and having the right tools at the right time, especially in high-stress situations. For example, many firefighters need to have helmets to protect their heads when running through burning buildings. To help keep you prepared for the next emergency, here are the items you should have in your tactical trauma kit.

PPE Gear

If you become injured, then you’re no longer able to care for a patient effectively. So in every disaster, you need to take care of yourself first, which means having basic PPE gear on hand when out during an urgent situation.

Here’s some gear to have in your pack:

  • Gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Face shields

Having the standard tactical gear, such as a shield, helmet, and protective clothes, will work well to guard you against various hazards, but a simple disposable gown won’t. So stay smart and protect the most vulnerable parts of your body.

Assessment Tools

Not only should PPE gear be in your trauma kit, but so should essential assessment tools. These instruments help measure every patient’s vital signs to record and give to doctors later. When possible, place items in a separate bag for easy access.

The items to include in your bag include:

  • A stethoscope
  • A BP cuff
  • A pulse oximeter
  • A CO2 monitor

Trauma Supplies

You’ll treat patients in traumatic situations as part of the job. Therefore, you’ll need to have trauma supplies to help them. All in all, your trauma supplies consist of equipment you can use to treat a patient’s wounds and evenly apply pressure to certain areas.

These are some of the things to include:

  • Hemostat dressings
  • Chest seal bandages
  • Different wound-sized bandages

Tactical Setting Suction Pump

Your bag will need a hand-controlled tactical suction pump. A setting suction pump is a pump that you use to drain bodily fluids and blood from a person’s airways during an emergency event. Ensure that the one you pick is dependable and can effectively clear out mucus and other contaminants from the breathing tubes.

Airway Equipment

There are additional pieces of airway equipment necessary to assist in stressful events. A few items to get are a pocket mask and a chest decompression kit. Aside from those, you should also add an NPA and OPA, as well as a bag-valve device.

Having the right equipment at the right time can save many lives. As you wrap up this list of items to have in your tactical trauma kit, you can reflect on how to keep yourself and a patient safe.

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