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The Top Reasons Dog Food Ingredients Matter

The Top Reasons Dog Food Ingredients Matter

One of the most important factors to consider while shopping for dog food is what ingredients are in the package. But it must be safe if it’s on the store shelf, right? Well, searching for dog food isn’t quite so simple. Read through this guide below to learn the top reasons dog food ingredients matter.

Nutritional Value

Like human food at the grocery store, dog food differs in nutritional value. In some cases, you’ll find a meal with nice packaging but a lot of empty calories. Food that is a welcome addition to many dogs’ bowls includes organic meat, such as beef and chicken.

Furthermore, organic vegetables, including broccoli and carrots, can help, too. Foods like these are better because they contain excellent vitamins and protein that help your pup’s body grow and remain healthy. That said, always consult your veterinarian before changing your dog’s meal plan.

Empty Calories

By reading labels and relying on nutritious meals, you can avoid empty calories in your dog’s diet. Empty calories will make your pup feel full, but they won’t fill your pet with beneficial ingredients. Corn is a common culprit that will fill your dog’s belly without adding any nutritional value. Think of this as a quality-over-quantity scenario.

Avoiding empty calories is among the most important steps toward preventing obesity, which is unfortunately prevalent among dogs. As you can see from this 2018 survey on pet obesity, more than 50 percent of dogs in the US were overweight. Luckily, responsible pet owners can help their dogs avoid obesity by carefully planning their meals.

Pup’s Personal Preference

When it comes to the top reasons dog food ingredients matter, the flavor is certainly on the list. After all, though it might come as a surprise to some pet owners, food quality is one of the top reasons dogs become picky eaters. If you feed your pup expired or otherwise low-quality food, don’t expect it to happily prance to the bowl each meal.

Luckily, high-quality organic meals will deliver exceptional taste and many nutrients. Now that you know of these critical factors, you can find a dog food option that will make your pup happy and keep it healthy in the years to come.

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