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Tough Mudder: How To Prepare Your Body for the Big Day

Tough Mudder: How To Prepare Your Body for the Big Day

When you join the Tough Mudder challenge, you need to be formidable, tough, and ready. The obstacles in store for challengers are strenuous, and there is no saying whether you are ready or not. You will only know on the day if you can keep up. But you can always prepare yourself for the challenges. You must know how to prepare your body for the big day. Follow a training plan and ready your mind and spirit for what lies ahead.

Train Your Body for Speed and Endurance

If you are serious about this event, you need the stamina to get through the race. Running will help you improve your speed, and your feet will get used to the heavy lifting with the many hours of running. The more you run, the stronger you become—especially with proper running shoes made for your foot type and activity level. The speed will improve as long as you improve your cardiovascular endurance. You may be the fastest during the race, but if you don’t have the endurance, you will not last long.

Increase Your Training Every Week

You don’t have to push yourself to the end of the training, but you have to build it slowly. The stamina enhances the more you train, and once your body gets used to the strenuous activity, it is ready to take more.

Perfect Your Balance

Do not let yourself be at ease with the same training. Instead, try to push it further with more challenging training, such as going up the hill instead of just running or jogging on a flat surface. You can run fast while going to the top and double the effort, as the gravity will make running harder.

Increase Your Mental Strength

This race is about finding the strength to go further and work harder when you want to give up. When your body starts to ache, your mental strength pushes it to continue. Train your mind at the same time you are strengthening your body.

This race is called “tough” for a reason. There will always be new challenges and extreme difficulties that you have to face, so practice uncommon obstacles such as mountain climbing, practice dips, squats, and ladder drills. As long as you know how to prepare your body for the big day and your body can last, the rest is easy.

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