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The Most Important Questions To Ask a Car Accident Witness

The Most Important Questions To Ask a Car Accident Witness

Witnessing a car accident is a scary moment that many do not forget. There are various ways to respond depending on the severity of the situation. But it’s essential to remember that as a witness, you play an integral part in how well the scenario gets pieced together for first responders. In contrast, the accident’s victims’ most significant assets are how well the witnesses can recall the events.

Here are the most important questions to ask a car accident witness that can help should your case see litigation.

How Did the Crash Occur From Your Perspective?

Asking an open-ended question is a way of receiving as much information as possible from the witness. This gives them the space to recall the events in their own words, from their perspective. They can provide as much or as little detail as they want before you seek more in-depth descriptions.

Where Were You When the Crash Occurred?

The witness’s location at the time of the accident is critical in how well the case gets managed. If they were within feet of the incident, it’s possible they missed something leading up to the accident. But if they were farther away, they could have easily seen the entire scenario play out and provided more lead details.

This is especially critical in the event of a drunk driving accident; the distance of the witness can testify to the nature of the drunk driver and how hazardous their condition was leading into the incident. Examples of things they could see are swerving, speeds, or potentially any cell phone use.

Was Anyone With You at The Time of the Crash?

Anytime there is an opportunity to gather more witnesses, do so. Always ask if there was anyone with the witness who could also explain things from their perspective. Sometimes, what one person sees, the other may not, and vice versa.

What Was the Weather Like?

Noting the weather conditions is relatively standard in any accident on the roads. Elemental conditions play a role in how well we drive and how we should be handling our driving. Driving under sunny blue skies is always different than driving in heavy rain, high winds, or on slick roads.

What Did You Do After the Crash?

The witness’s behavior after the crash can weigh significantly on whether their story is believable or not. If they stood by and called for help, whatever they have to offer will likely hold true. On the flip side, if they reacted emotionally and failed to seek help, this can stick a pin in the story’s ability to come together.

Remembering the most important questions to ask a car accident witness can make or break a potential legal case. Be kind to them, and if, by chance, they can’t recall something, try to understand that they experienced something too!

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