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What Mechanics Should Wear When Working in a Garage

What Mechanics Should Wear When Working in a Garage

If you work in a garage, you might deal with exposure to oil, gasoline, heat, and chemicals on any given day. For this reason, you must wear the correct garments when working as an automotive mechanic.

In this guide, you will learn what mechanics should wear when working in a garage. With this in mind, let’s look at what you should wear when you’re under the hood.


Working as a mechanic is one of many different types of jobs that require coveralls. If you are new to the job and aren’t familiar them, coveralls are like overalls except they cover your entire outfit. They usually have a zipper, button, or a hook and loop system to close them.

Coveralls help keep your clothes clean and prevent your skin from coming into contact with harsh chemicals or heat. If you accidentally spill some fluid on yourself, wearing coveralls will ensure that you can keep working on the project instead of getting the stain out of your shirt.

Shirt and Pants

Underneath your coveralls, you will probably want to wear a breathable T-shirt and strong pants. Since being a mechanic requires you to move around a bit, wearing clothes with adequate airflow will help avoid overheating.

Your pants should be like jeans because you don’t want them to be loose or rip easily. However, make sure you don’t wear skinny jeans, or else you might not be able to crouch down when you’re looking at the tires.


Coming into contact with all sorts of elements means that you need to protect your hands. For this reason, most mechanics wear tough rubber gloves that allow them to avoid blisters and exposure to chemicals.

However, these gloves must also be breathable because you will sweat in them when you’re working on an engine. You also don’t want slippery gloves because that could lead to a major accident.

Overall, being a mechanic is a labor-intensive but rewarding career. Now that you know what mechanics should wear when working in a garage, you can stock up on your uniform for this exciting job.

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