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The Most Useful Alloys To Use in Manufacturing

The Most Useful Alloys To Use in Manufacturing

Today, businesses use all kinds of metals and alloys to create various products. Because there are so many benefits of using alloys over traditional metals, manufacturers rarely use traditional, or pure, metals for their products. There are numerous alloys out there, but some are more popular and well-known than others. Learn about some of the most useful alloys to use in manufacturing below.

Bronze Alloys

Bronze is the first human-made alloy, and we still use it often to this day. This alloy is strong and durable, but most importantly, it has a high corrosion resistance. You’ll find that manufacturers often use this for equipment and components that need to survive in a corrosive environment.

Aluminum Alloys

Although aluminum by itself is lightweight, it doesn’t have the strength that manufacturers need for their products. That’s why they create aluminum alloys. Aluminum alloys are incredibly lightweight, strong, durable, and you can find applications for them in almost any industry.

Steel Alloys

Without a doubt, stainless steel and carbon steel are some of the most useful alloys in manufacturing. Stainless steel doesn’t rust, and it’s known for its impressive strength. You can find it in all kinds of equipment and construction materials. Similar to stainless steel, carbon steel is immensely strong. One interesting fact about carbon steel is that you can adjust the strength of it depending on the amount of carbon you add to the alloy mixture.

Nickel Alloys

As you can imagine, manufacturers want equipment that resists corrosion and lasts for years with regular use. Nickel is known for its corrosion resistance, so you can count on any alloy with nickel to last for decades even in harsh environments. This particular metal is also malleable, meaning that it’s easy to mold into different shapes. If you need to create an item with a very specific or unique shape, nickel is a great metal to mold.

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