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Useful Gifts for the Welder in Your Life

Useful Gifts for the Welder in Your Life

Are you shopping for a welder but have no idea what to get them? Whether you’re shopping for the holidays or a birthday, let us help you with our list of useful gifts we’re sure the welder in your life will appreciate!

New Helmet

For many welders, few things are as precious in their workshop as their trusty welding helmet. But welders also tend to hold on to their helmets for years or decades—even when a new helmet would be a significant upgrade.

If you’re shopping for someone who has a welding helmet that has seen better days, a new helmet could be the perfect gift. Some welders prefer simple, traditional helmets, but there are also more advanced models with stylish designs and features like LED displays and auto-darkening technology.

New FR Clothing

Next to wearing a helmet, one of the most crucial safe welding habits that all welders should follow is dressing appropriately in fire-resistant (FR) clothing. Too often, welders get complacent and wear regular clothes because they either don’t have sufficient FR clothing or it’s uncomfortable and worn down.

A welder can never have enough protective clothing, so get the welder in your life a useful gift of FR clothing like:

  • FR shirts
  • FR pants
  • Welding gloves
  • Welding jacket
  • Welding caps
  • FR boots

Mini Set of Welder Tools

Every welder should have a mini welder set for those smaller projects that don’t require a huge flame, like fixing jewelry or wires. Many welders have simple and cheap mini welder sets, but a high-quality set can be a much-appreciated gift.

Whether the welder you’re shopping for has their own set or not, they’ll appreciate a new one!

Welding Pocket Reference Book

Welding isn’t just all hands-on work—sometimes, a welder must consult their reference book for guidance and insights on a job. For many welders, this reference book is like a bible, but these books can get beat up in a workshop after so many years.

A clean, pocket version of a welding reference book makes for an excellent, simple gift that the welder in your life can take with them anywhere!

Welding Helmet Cooling System

If you’re looking to wow your favorite welder, you can’t do much better than a helmet cooling system! Even if you know nothing about welding, you know it can get hot working all day just inches away from that torch—especially when working outside on a hot day.

A helmet cooling system is ideal for welders working outside or for those long days in the workshop. A cooling system makes even the hardest days more comfortable and makes working safer for welders.

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