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The Best Erosion Control Methods for Your Backyard

The Best Erosion Control Methods for Your Backyard

There’s nothing more rewarding than creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes throughout your property. Unfortunately, landscaping is a highly complex and difficult process that can face many obstacles. One of these obstacles is soil erosion, which can both halt landscaping projects and destroy completed spaces. Luckily, you can employ many surefire erosion control methods for your backyard to ensure everything remains perfect.

The Natural Solutions

Before you make any significant purchases, we recommend trying out some natural solutions. For instance, replacing your property vegetation with native plants and grasses can help reverse and prevent severe erosion. Native vegetation utilizes stronger root systems to stabilize soil and halt rainwater runoff. These plants also protect topsoil from the elements such as rain, ice, and wind.

For additional soil protection, sow your native seeds into terrace gardens, which run lengthwise down slopes and absorb more water runoff. Terrace gardens act as an obstacle to running water and protect the rest of your yard. This method does require significant planning and labor, but it can prevent erosion two-fold.

Install Retaining Walls

If your property’s terrain is quite hilly, you might consider installing a retaining wall around these slopes. Retaining walls, which can be bricks, concrete blocks, wood, or stones, help fortify the soil resting behind the structure. You don’t have to surround your yard with these walls—implement segments in specific areas of need to ensure your whole property is safe and sound. You can also use retaining walls to protect raised garden beds.

Invest in Drainage Systems

The superior erosion control method, however, is a drainage system. Ancient societies designed and implemented sewers and city drains, which helped limit soil erosion. Even tiny drainage aspects like manhole covers have a history, each one protecting land for agriculture, development, or leisure. We still rely on drainage systems today to protect a property’s ability to thrive. Consult a landscaping professional to determine the best types of drains, grates, and overall designs for your specific needs.

Implement these erosion control methods and maintain the optimal backyard. Remember that soil erosion, when left to progress, can destroy your foundation and affect the structural integrity of your home itself. Prevent these problems by addressing erosion issues immediately.

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