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Top Industries That Require Radio Communication

Top Industries That Require Radio Communication

If you’ve never worked with radios before, you may be thinking that they’re a tool of a bygone era. However, if you have worked with radios, you know how invaluable they are, regardless of your industry. Keep reading to discover more about this vital communication tool and find out the top industries that require radio communication.

Big-Box Stores

When you picture a store like Costco or BJ’s Wholesale Club, you probably envision a gigantic building with aisles upon aisles of products. What you may not think about is how difficult all those square feet make communicating between employees. That’s where radios come into play.

When a customer needs to know the location of a product, and a new employee hasn’t memorized all the aisles yet, a quick call over the radio solves the problem. When the janitorial staff needs to know where there’s a spill, the team can radio the answer.


A taxi dispatcher needs to manage radio communications flawlessly to coordinate rides for people all over a city. When you pair radio technology with GPS tracking, the dispatcher can see where all the cars are and who is the best choice for a given job. Instant communication means that customers aren’t kept waiting at curbs, which leads to greater customer satisfaction.


Just about every procedural cop show on TV shows security with a radio in their hand at some point. While it makes for a good plot device, it’s also an accurate depiction of real life. Every security officer needs access to instant communication in case of an incident. They can coordinate medical care and get additional boots on the ground in an instant if needed.

Now that you know these top industries that require radio communication, make sure your radios are getting the best signal coverage possible. It’s important to be able to hear everything clearly, so take the necessary steps and boost your coverage.

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