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Can-Am vs. Polaris: Which Utility Terrain Vehicle Is Better?

Can-Am vs. Polaris: Which Utility Terrain Vehicle Is Better?

Are you in the market for a fun and capable off-roading machine? When it comes to the world of UTVs, the top two brands are undoubtedly Can-Am and Polaris. But which utility terrain vehicle is better? Read on to learn more about both manufacturers, what their specific UTVs bring to the table, and which brand is right for you!

Can-Am: Innovative and Exciting

The Can-Am brand completely changed the UTV game after releasing their Maverick X3. This vehicle boasts 20 inches of ground clearance and a triple-cylinder engine capable of pumping out 154 horsepower. Since then, UTV fans have regarded Can-Am UTVs as innovative and exciting. Newer models consistently reach 80 miles per hour, and their rugged design makes them exceptionally stable on challenging terrain. Many Can-Am enthusiasts believe the X3 driving experience is the most comfortable and enjoyable. Because of their high-tech amenities and off-roading features, Can-Am UTVs carry a high price tag similar to a standard automobile ($33,699).

Polaris: Tradition and Dependability

While Can-Am is quickly becoming one of the most popular UTV manufacturers, Polaris remains the industry’s most recognized brand. The stylings and design of the Polaris RZR and Turbo R remain unchanged compared to years prior, but these UTVs consistently perform well against competitors in off-roading environments. While Polaris vehicles lack the speed capabilities of the X3, its turbocharged engine provides plenty of “zip” for racing over dunes. The traditional, bumpy driving experience a Polaris UTV delivers makes it the most authentic off-roader on the market. The RZR Turbo R carries a reasonable price tag of $27,799, while the RZR Pro R models exceed $37,000.

Which Is Right for You?

So, which UTV is right for your specific needs? If you’re looking for a pure desert racer that prioritizes speed and comfort, then Can-Am products are probably best for you. While the Polaris RZR Pro R is arguably the more advanced off-roading vehicle, the Maverick X3 is significantly more affordable and still entirely capable of performing. However, the Polaris Turbo R is also a suitable UTV for recreational use and is by far the most affordable high-performance vehicle on this list. It’s perfect if you’re on a tighter budget but are totally enthralled with the off-roading lifestyle.

Comparing Can-Am and Polaris to determine which brand makes the better utility terrain vehicle helps prepare you for a more successful purchase. Other UTV manufacturers worth considering include Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Honda.

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