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Factors That Can Raise the Cost of Shipping

Factors That Can Raise the Cost of Shipping

Shipping is a huge part of industry, as items often must travel thousands of miles across the world to get to customers. However, the cost to move items fluctuates greatly, so understanding current and past trends can save a company a lot of money. Here are a few of the factors that can determine the price of shipping.

Shipping Distance

One of the most influential factors in shipping costs is the destination the item moves from and where it goes. An item only going a few miles will cost significantly less than an item that crosses the ocean after traveling miles on the ground.

Shipment Specifications

Every item has its own specifications that can change the cost of shipping, from the size and weight of the package to its method of storage. For example, bundling items together is cheaper than shipping them out individually. Understanding your products’ specifications and needs before you send them out is vital for successful shipping.

Shipping Materials

Shipping requires spending money on things to help facilitate the process, such as wooden pallets or plastic wrap. This is why understanding things like why the price of lumber is increasing or the availability of pallets is important. These factors can significantly impact shipping speeds and costs for a company.

Supply Chain Factors

One of the biggest factors that can determine the cost of shipping items is the worldwide supply chain. For example, the rising cost of oil put a huge strain on shipping, as places charged more to move items longer distances. Likewise, if there’s a shortage of an item you use in your production, then your product will also likely experience a shortage.

Understanding how shipping can fluctuate can help you minimize your costs. That’s why understanding cost and the supply chain should be a major focus of businesses that ship their products. Knowing what you can expect and what’s controlling the cost of shipping can help you come up with optimal solutions.

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