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What To Know About the Upcoming Jeep Recon

What To Know About the Upcoming Jeep Recon

Soon, automotive consumers will be able to drive powerful off-roading vehicles without burning a drop of fossil fuels. The first top-brand EV SUV, set to release sometime in 2024, is getting manufactured by a brand that knows a thing or two about building robust automobiles. Read on to learn every relevant detail about the upcoming, fully-electric Jeep Recon.

An Industry-Leading EV 4×4 SUV

Jeep has yet to release a comprehensive breakdown of the Jeep Recon specifications. Instead, we know that this vehicle is the electric equivalent of the Jeep Wrangler, a renowned off-roading automobile that’s popular globally. Looking at the EV market as a whole, there aren’t many top-brand electric 4×4 SUVs commercially available – as such, when the Recon releases sometime in 2024, it will instantly become an industry leader within that category! Longtime motorsport fans can now drive an emissions-less off-roader unburdened by frequent stops at the gas station. And the Recon will retain the Jeep brand’s famous open-air configuration, allowing owners to pop off the hardtop and enjoy a truly unique driving experience.

Another Customizable Jeep-Brand Vehicle?

A popular feature of the Jeep brand is customization. In fact, the Jeep Wrangler is highly modifiable compared to other similar 4×4 SUVs. From the looks of leaked photos, the Recon will also boast superior modification capabilities. However, we’re not sure how accessible the battery system is on this vehicle and the degree of customization afforded in that area. With time, fun and helpful Recon-compatible modification will flood the aftermarket, ensuring successful vehicle adjustments for comfort, utility, and aesthetic purposes. Jeep itself will offer various Recon configurations with unique interior, trim, and lighting options.

Possible Competition: The Ford Bronco

Since its revival in 2020, the Ford Bronco has competed well against the Jeep Wrangler. Furthermore, the Ford brand has expressed its desire to create a fully electric off-roading automobile for years. However, even fewer details surround a possible EV Ford 4×4 than the Jeep Recon. Ford will announce their plans for hybrid and fully-electric powertrain, most likely for their Bronco models, by the end of 2023. It’s possible that Ford will have a commercially available vehicle ready just after the Recon release in 2024, setting up interesting future competition between these rival brands.

You now know all the relevant details concerning the upcoming Jeep Recon and its potential features, abilities, and competition. But if you can’t wait until 2024 for an electric Jeep, consider purchasing a Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid instead. These hybrid 4x4s are relatively new for the brand but provide superior gas efficiency than standard Wrangler models.

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