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Top 3 Reasons Your TV Audio Isn’t Working

Top 3 Reasons Your TV Audio Isn’t Working

Viewers want to hear the sound of their TV clearly, but sometimes the audio doesn’t work. If you notice your TV’s audio is no longer working, there are some likely causes. Read below to discover the top three reasons why your TV’s audio isn’t working.

Issues With the Speakers on the TV

Every television has speakers located on various parts of the surface that produce basic audio. However, these speakers can become damaged or function with muffled audio. Check the speakers for any dirt or dust that may block the ports, producing a muffled sound no matter how high the volume is.

Having your audio consistently close to top volume may blow out the speakers after prolonged use, which will require repair or replacement, depending on the damage. If the TV falls to the floor, the impact may damage the interior parts, such as the speaker or areas of the audio circuit that receive and produce sound. Your TV is valuable, and its numerous parts require care. You’ll need to ensure these parts aren’t damaged and produce good-quality sound.

Improper Connection to Sound Equipment

If your TV is connected to a speaker, the connection must stay in good condition to prevent audio failure. Various cables, such as HDMI or DisplayPort, will transfer video and audio signals from the TV to the connected equipment, producing improved images and sounds.

If these cables are in poor condition, the connected speakers will produce worse sound than the TV. Poor sound quality is a sign of a damaged DisplayPort cable, and checking the state of the cable will help you verify the cause of the audio problem.

Imbalanced Sound Settings

After checking all equipment to ensure everything is in working order, it’s a good idea to check the audio settings of the TV. Ensure the treble and bass read “Standard” or “Balanced” for normal sound quality.

You could set the audio to theater mode for enhanced treble and bass, but it’s best to use that when the normal sound settings aren’t as effective as they should be. As a last resort, reset the TV’s factory settings to return the audio to its original state when you first acquired it.

TV audio may malfunction at times, but there are usually ways to fix it. Understanding the reasons your TV audio isn’t working will help you solve the problem and prevent you from despairing over the time lost having your TV repaired.

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