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Top Three Trends in Modern Furniture Design

Top Three Trends in Modern Furniture Design

Furniture can make a living room. This has been true throughout all times and circumstances, but in our modern world, this is even more true. Whether we’re discussing sustainable furniture or ‘70s influences, various design and decor choices are all the rage in 2023. Learn more about our top three trends in modern furniture design here.

Soft and Inviting Curves

You want your home to be inviting to acquaintances, family, and friends. Let’s implement furniture with long, curvy lines if you want a place to socialize and relax. This softness of gently rounded curves tends to soften the overall look of your room. It can add a bold design touch that makes an impression, even if your guests aren’t 100 percent sure why they feel so comfortable. It registers regardless, which is exactly what you want.

You can apply this tip to many other interior design rules. As long as you avoid making common furniture-arrangement mistakes, such as pushing furniture against the wall, you should be well on your way to creating a cozy space.

Biophilic Design

There’s a huge focus on products made from stone, ceramics, wood, and wool. This isn’t an accident. Our current emphasis on synthetics, such as plastic and other materials, can feel cold and lifeless. Instead, a traditional cedar or stone furniture set can make us feel calm and content. They provide us with a multi-sensory experience all around. Create a biophilic design by using natural materials. Use that ottoman with wool in it. Get that cherry wood couch. Make homey design choices like this, and your home will look calm and beautiful.

The Roaring ‘70s

This retro style might appear short-lived, but don’t get your hopes up. These bright color palettes and retro spaceship-like coffee tables are quickly coming back in style. The ‘70s were truly an amazing decade, and it’s good to see it making a comeback. Consider incorporating acrylic coffee tables and bronze finishes. There’s a ton to look forward to here, and your imagination is the only thing stopping you.

These are a few top trends in modern furniture design, but there’s so much more on the horizon. We hope you choose your decor wisely. All you need to do is use your heart.

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