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Motorcycle Lights: What You Should Know When Shopping

Motorcycle Lights: What You Should Know When Shopping

When you have a motorcycle, lighting is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. Without good lighting, other drivers can’t see you, and you increase your risk of an accident. Here’s what you should know when shopping to help you pick out the best lights for your motorcycle.

Looking for Brightness

The brightness and visibility of your lights is the most important factor. You need lights that are easy to see but don’t produce so much light that they make it hard for other drivers to see. Make sure that you test the visibility, as a good lumen count doesn’t necessarily mean it gives off a lot of usable light.

Long Lasting Means Savings

Motorcycle lights are an investment—you want them to last as long as possible before they burn out. Quick turnover can become expensive, and switching out lights can take a lot of time. Instead, you should look for lights that last a long time, even if they’re more expensive. This way, you’ll save more money in the long run. LED lights are a great example of a long-lasting set.

Legal Requirements

Every state and country has its own legal requirements when it comes to lights. You want to make sure that you follow these requirements when shopping for your lights. You’ll see lights with different tags, like DOT-, SAE-, or EAT-approved. While it’s still important to double-check your state’s requirements, lights with these approvals will likely meet the legal requirements put forth by your state. You’ll want to check local restrictions before you make any purchase, as some places have completely different codes. For example, some places don’t allow extra lighting or limit the colors you can use.

If you keep all these factors in mind when shopping for your lights, you’ll likely find what you need. Lighting is important for a bike, and your efforts in finding the right one will improve your safety and make it easier to drive in dark conditions.

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