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Residential Garage Door Materials and Styles To Choose From

Residential Garage Door Materials and Styles To Choose From

While some homeowners overlook the importance of the garage door, you understand it’s a feature that requires attention. As you browse the market for a new garage door to complete your home, keep in mind these residential garage door materials and styles to choose from!


Fiberglass garage doors are popular due to their resemblance to wood without the maintenance requirements. The lightweight material won’t disintegrate like the average metal because it resists corrosion.

Horizontal Groove Doors

Dimension is a key feature implemented with fiberglass doors. Whether it’s through the material itself or the texture of the paint, horizontal groove fiberglass doors are gorgeous options. They seamlessly fit modern, contemporary, and rustic homes.

Classic Panels and Windows

Pick the desired shade and enjoy the classic style of this garage door. The horizontal panels pair with a set of windows at the very top of the door.

Garages can include about three to eight panels in a row, depending on your preference. The timeless design will suit several types of homes for an elegant look.


The low-maintenance and durable metal known as steel is a favorite for many contemporary houses. Steel will make the garage feel more comfortable on the inside while boosting the exterior’s luxurious appearance.

Flush Panels and Minimalistic Windows

While other styles are desirable for their intricate features, homeowners love the minimal look that comes with steel doors.

It enhances a home’s contemporary style with sleek, flat panels. Most homeowners choose a moody color like black or gray to complete their homes.

The final touch of elegance is the windows. They’re on a singular side of the door for a symmetrical finish.

Painted Steel Doors

Steel is a simple material to paint. If you want to incorporate a unique shade, steel is the right garage door material for the house. Consider colors like olive green, dark blue, or cherry red!


Wood garage doors are incredible upgrades for homes. The strong material adds unique character based on each individual wood species. The rustic design fits perfectly with farmhouse and vintage homes.

Carriage-Style Doors

Carriage-style doors are great for ranches searching to complement the rustic aesthetic. They mimic the appearance of barn doors with iron embellishments and crossed pieces of wood. It’s the perfect feature for homes to showcase the beauty of the material.

Arched Windows With Panels

Natural wood doesn’t require many components to make a home feel complete. With the typical rectangular or square-shaped door, the upper-region of the door contains two rows of windows in an arch. The subtle curve instantly elevates the simple design.

With so many styles and materials to choose from, which garage door do you think is perfect for your home?

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