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Tips To Be a Better Manager While Working From Home

Tips To Be a Better Manager While Working From Home

Navigating a work-from-home world is a new adventure. As a manager, it’s essential to work closely with team members as you all work from different locations. Whether you’re currently struggling or are looking for general advice, read these tips to be a better manager while working from home!

Build Trust Through Being Communicative

When working remotely, it’s easy to isolate yourself and forget to reach out to your team. Although you don’t want to bombard individuals with messages and become overbearing, remember to check in once or twice a week. This can be through a private chat, a team call, or both!

Taking the time to get to know your employees and check in on how they’re doing at work demonstrates that you’re a caring and empathetic person. You will gradually earn their trust while improving the work environment.

Avoid Scheduling Too Many Redundant or Unproductive Meetings

Let’s build on the topic of communication! Some businesses tend to schedule multiple meetings throughout the week. People can get off topic and cause the meeting to extend past the scheduled time frame.

Too many distorted virtual meetings throughout the week can decrease productivity and cause frustration among employees. Rather than arranging multiple meetings that have little accomplishments, schedule more valuable meetings.

When scheduling meetings, ensure that you aren’t wasting your team’s time. Employees want to continue to achieve their goals; however, these unclear meetings can take away from your employees’ progress.

Ensure that everyone stays on task during these calls by creating an outline. Take notes throughout the call. Additionally, if anyone begins discussing unrelated topics, instantly stop the conversation. If it’s a real issue, you can discuss it later in another meeting.

Remain Open to Feedback

Managers who are open-minded create a constructive work environment. The lack of face-to-face interactions and reliability on technology establishes disconnection. You might not be aware of the struggles your employees face while working from home.

Ask for feedback once a month. Send out an anonymous form that everyone can fill out to express frustrations or features that are going superbly. From here, it’s crucial for managers to thoroughly examine the feedback and find resolutions.

Implement Changes As Needed

A manager who fails to listen is likely to lose employees. People want to feel heard and see their suggestions implemented.

After receiving feedback from employees, don’t let it sit on the back burner. Take action to make improvements. Your team will appreciate your efforts as you make working remotely a better environment for everyone.

Working from home isn’t easy at first. When you apply these tips as a manager, you’ll conceive better and more efficient communication.

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