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Tips To Increase Signage Visibility in Your Parking Garage

Tips To Increase Signage Visibility in Your Parking Garage

Parking garages can be difficult to navigate without the proper directional signage. By law, your facility must also include proper safety information and warnings. However, if your customers can’t read any of this information, it becomes useless. Here are some tips to increase signage visibility in your parking garage or facility.

Pay Attention To Sign Placement

The location in which you place your parking garage signs is key to their visibility and readability for drivers. When placing informational signs outside your garage, make sure no trees or landscaping features are blocking them. Inside your garage, don’t put signs too far from your driving lanes. If you do, your customers won’t be able to read them while navigating your garage. Drivers in all types of vehicles should be able to read your signage. Try to place signs at the eyeline of your drivers and avoid hanging them too high or low. Drivers in shorter sedans or bulky SUVs could miss vital information if the signs aren’t immediately visible.

Clean Parking Garage Signage Regularly

Something that many parking garage managers forget to do is clean their signs. Your directional and safety signs are only effective if your customers can read them. Over time, these surfaces will collect dirt and dust, making them harder to read. Dirty signs are especially difficult to read at long distances. During your regularly scheduled parking garage inspections, be sure to check the cleanliness of your signage and clean each surface if necessary. Renting a power washer can be an effective way to quickly clean signs and other surfaces throughout your facility.

Optimize Signage Size

Finally, if your customers are having trouble reading your signage as it is, you may want to consider expanding their sizes. Small signs with crammed together fonts will be difficult to read from any distance. Instead, consider upgrading to larger models with bolder, larger text that makes your messaging easier to read from a distance.

Parking garage signage is crucial to the success and safety of your facility. So make sure that your guests can read it. Use these tips to increase signage visibility and readability in your parking garage to improve your customers’ experiences.

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