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What Are the Best Luxurious Additions to Homes?

What Are the Best Luxurious Additions to Homes?

Thinking about remodeling your home with new features? If so, consider lavish touches that will transform your space. As you explore the best luxurious additions to homes, determine the best options for your property.

Home Theater

Achieve the movie theater experience without leaving your house. Add a home theater to your property for a lavish touch. Revamp a room with recliner seats, a projector screen (or large TV), and a snack station. You can also enhance the space with home automation features, such as voice-controlled light dimmers. Regardless of the features, home theaters are perfect for family movie nights or entertaining guests.

En Suite Bathrooms

En suite bathrooms are the best luxurious additions to homes because they’re convenient with creative opportunities. The bathrooms are extensions of bedrooms, and they give family members privacy. You can also design each space to your liking. If you have a rustic-style bedroom, incorporate earthy hues and natural material inside the bathroom. For children’s en suite bathrooms, you can add bright colors and fun décor, such as character-shaped soap dispensers.

A Finished Basement

Most households neglect basements or solely use them as storage spaces. However, you can make your property lavish with a finished basement! Use the space as a home theater or media room. Consider making a guest suite with a bedroom and kitchenette. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Marble Countertops

Kitchen countertops can enhance the room’s overall appearance. If you want a modern, luxurious space, opt for marble countertops. They’re aesthetically pleasing, stain resistant, scratch resistant, and low maintenance. Alternatives to marble are quartz and granite, but you can choose your favorite material.

European Interior Doors

Of course, visually pleasing entrance doors are important, but you can’t forget about interior doors. Instead of American-made fixtures, opt for European-style ones. In particular, European interior doors are beautiful with solid core construction. This means they have superior quality with long lifespans! This luxury addition is one of the most practical features for homes.

Heated Flooring

The last thing you want to encounter is a cold floor, especially during the wintertime. Luckily, you can achieve comfort with heated flooring installation. Professionals use electric resistance cables or warm water piped tubes to generate floor heat. Typically, both options come with thermostatic controls to adjust the temperature to your liking. Furthermore, heated floors can decrease damp areas, making bathroom floors less likely to grow mold.

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