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Volkswagen vs. Subaru: Which Is Better for Overlanding?

Volkswagen vs. Subaru: Which Is Better for Overlanding?

When selecting the ideal overlanding car, two automotive manufacturers stand out—Volkswagen and Subaru. Both companies offer affordable, rugged, and capable SUVs with plenty of potential for off-roading fun. Which is the better car for overlanding? Learn more about these vehicles to determine which one suits your off-roading needs.

Volkswagen: Durable, Diverse, & Accessible

Volkswagen is a strong producer of vehicles with above-average off-roading capabilities. Volkswagen SUVs are renowned for their durability and promise great performance—two critical factors for any overlanding vehicle. The sturdy build of these vehicles enables them to withstand the rigors of off-road trails while keeping drivers safe. Additionally, VW cars are dependable for long-distance travel!

Volkswagen produces a diverse range of SUV models, offering more variety than Subaru. The Taos, Mk7, Tiguan, and Atlas have gained popularity in the overlanding community. These models have unique features that cater to the demands of off-roading, including the highly durable MQB car platform, reinforced exterior stylings, and off-road driving modes. Most VW SUVs are suitable for aftermarket modifications such as suspension and camber adjustments. Whether you’re adding a performance-boosting VW lift kit or something else, you can equip your vehicles for any and all overlanding adventures.

Subaru: Affordable, Capable, & Convenient

Subaru SUVs have gained popularity as overlanding vehicles due to their affordability, mod options, and convenience. This auto manufacturer is known for designing exploration vehicles that cater to outdoor enthusiasts. Subaru offers cost-effective vehicles for people seeking adventure on a budget. Furthermore, Subaru SUVs feature advanced overlanding characteristics, including the X-MODE driving system, with two enhanced driving modes for various off-road conditions and extra-strong front-end skid plates.

These overlanding-friendly parts reduce the need for aftermarket modding! This aspect translates into savings for adventurers who wish to tailor their vehicles for overlanding. The reduced need for modifications also adds convenience to Subaru owners. The combination of affordability, capability, and convenience makes Subaru SUVs ideal for overlanding adventures.

Which Is Best for You?

If you value durability, diversity, and a wide range of modification options, Volkswagen SUVs may be the ideal choice for you. They are known for their robust construction, ensuring longevity and consistent performance on regular and off-road trails. The broad range of models, including Taos, Mk7, Tiguan, and Atlas, allows you to choose according to your specific needs and preferences. Moreover, the availability of numerous modifications makes it possible to customize these vehicles to suit your overlanding adventures.

On the other hand, Subaru SUVs offer affordability, capability, and convenience, making them an excellent choice for those who prefer a cost-effective and ready-to-go overlanding vehicle. These SUVs have inherent off-road capabilities, allowing you more selectivity when choosing overlanding modifications.

Ultimately, Volkswagen SUVs are better for overlanding if you plan on modifying your vehicle with lift kits and aftermarket parts. You might consider a Subaru SUV if you want a ready-to-go overlander. Regardless of your decision, it’s important to find an automobile that fits your performance and comfort needs!

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